Use your food wisely

When you’re a student every penny counts and so does every meal so here are a few quick recipes you can make if you find any of these items lying around in the back of your fridge.

Ham – Make the monster of all ham sandwiches that will fill you up and could be used as a tea. Boil an egg until it is hard boiled, slice it up, toast 3 slices of bread and slap on some mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard or whatever you have in. Use as much ham as you like and layer it onto one slice of toast, spread half of the hard-boiled egg over the top and add a little bit of cucumber if you have it. Stack on the second slice of toast and repeat the same as before. Add some chips to the side if this is your tea.

Onion- ok so if you literally have an onion in your fridge you are going to struggle to make any kind of meal, however if you have a few vegetables lying around why not chuck it all in a pan with a splash of oil and a good helping of soy sauce and any other spices/ sauces that are in the cupboard. Cooking times vary with how you like you veg cooked, if you like them soft, then let your stir fry cook a little longer.

Soft cheese- Boil some pasta in a pan and once it is cooked drain, add as much soft cheese to the pasta as you like and add come mushrooms and sweet corn, allow it to cook and continually stir until the mushrooms are cooked.

These meals are all very fast to cook and very easy for those of you who are not so talented in the kitchen, so if it’s your turn to cook for the people you share your student house with then make one of these dishes especially if it’s just a quick meal that your after !