Studying For An Arts Degree? You’ll Want To Read This


When it comes to studying for an arts degree, opinion is often vastly divided. Some view creative degrees as less valuable to technical studies, but it is becoming increasing apparent that that is not the case for employers.

We love this recent article from The Guardian that asks a few experts in ‘the real world’ for their opinions on hiring graduates with arts or humanities degrees, and the answers are very reassuring (phew!)

Here’s some of our favourite reasons from the article that prove an arts degree is just as valuable:

  • Limited contact hours in many arts/humanities degrees can actually be perfect preparation for the world of work – you’ll be self-disciplined, committed and organised.
  • You’ll have honed your critical thinking and analytic skills
  • You are likely to have a broader understanding of behaviour and self-awareness – qualities to make sure you highlight on your C.V.
  • You may have studied many varied modules; look at how these can be applied for different sectors