Summer Festivals

Although we know its exam time , we thought we would help you to focus on all the lovely things you can do in Liverpool with your flatmates once the exam period is over. The North West hosts some big festivals, the biggest being the Matthew street festival. This takes place every August bank holiday weekend and attracts over 300 thousand people to the city. The city comes alive with people from all over the world so why not head down there and have a drink in the sun.

Liverpool sound city is another amazing festival which takes place in Liverpool throughout May. It attracts a variety of DJs, Artists and bands so there will deffinately be something that you and your housemates can enjoy. Have a look online and see what you fancy as there are a variety of shows for you to get involved in.

One of the biggest festivals which will no doubt attract a large number of students is Liverpool’s food festival. This takes place in Sefton Park throughout the 1st and 2nd of September. So for those students who are still living in your rented/ shared accommodation, why not go down and taste some of the most delicious foods all made by people who have restaurants in and around the city. You will deffinately find a food that you love and you will without a doubt go home with a full stomach. Although tickets are £5 per person, it is deffinately worth it as the food is minimally priced and you get a lot of food for very little cost. You can also buy tickets in advance for £4 from this website;