How To Survive Stoptober This Autumn

We’re half way through October and that means you’re half way there if you’re currently taking part in Stoptober!

We know lots of students use this month as the perfect opportunity to stop smoking (and to cut back on all other indulgences) and if you’re one of the dedicated few who have made it through the last 16 days, then a big congratulations!

It’s certainly no easy task if you’ve been smoking for a while, or are trying to resist the temptations of Freshers Week and the urge to indulge after a few drinks. But in the long haul, you’re definitely making a huge improvement to your life.


Being a student is tough and some see smoking as a way of coping, both with the new environment and the heavy workload. But with dwindling student loans and smoke-free accommodation, it can often be more hassle than it’s worth- here’s our guide to helping you quit for good.

1. First, head to the official Stoptober website to get some helpful tips on quitting for good. 

2. Start saving all of the money that you would ordinarily spend on cigarettes. Once your jar of cash starts filling up, you’ll think twice before you reach for your lighter.

3. Use some of your saved time and money to get stuck into the kitchen. Smoking can suppress hunger and without the added distraction, you may find yourself raiding the fridge at all hours. We suggest using this time to try some new dishes and start eating more healthily.

4. Get out in the day time. When the weekend arrives, you might take advantage of the lie in and lazy day before the big preparation for the night’s events begin. But with no booze to occupy your evenings, you’ll have to think of another option.

We recommend getting up (relatively) early and exploring Liverpool- we can guarantee there’s places you’re yet to discover. The growing Baltic Triangle is the perfect place for some lunch, and Sefton Park and Princes Park are always a great option in the Autumn.

5. Occupy your nights. If the X-Factor isn’t your thing, this is the perfect time to dig into that new series everyone is talking about. If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet (where have you been?!) head straight for this on Netflix. If not, try American Horror Story, True Detective or Mad Men.

6. If you’re struggling going cold turkey, you might need a substitute to occupy yourself. Electronic cigarettes may be your best option in this circumstance and will stop you from twiddling your thumbs in the meantime.

7. Think about who you’re hanging out with. If your housemates and course mates are constantly ducking out for a ciggie, you could start resenting them. If you’re heading out to meet friends, steer towards a local cafe rather than the pub.

8. Consider taking up a sport or indulging in more exercise. Your body will be starting to reap the rewards of no cigarette smoke so take advantage of it. Either join a gym with student discount or good deal (Lifestyles is usually good) or get out for a run. You’ll thank us in the long term, we promise.