Covid Care Package

Covid Care Package

Whether you’ve been left alone by your housemates, or you’re stuck back at home with the parents and dreaming of those drunken nights back in Uni; this pandemic thing is no fun. The most important thing to remember is that protecting your mental health during this time is key. So what if the whole world is following Joe Wicks’ latest fitness videos and you can’t get off the couch, so what if everyone’s completing their coursework before the deadline or starting side hustles whilst being students. Ignore what is happening around you, and focus on yourself

That’s why we made this quick and simple Covid Care Package. It’s digital, can be accessed online or downloaded, and features some nice easy tips to living a healthy lifestyle (both physically and mentally) during this time. Our students matter to us, so we hope this helps in any way that it can. Remember that we’re still working from home during this time and are here to answer any moving/ accommodation queries you may have.


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