Is it smart price beans for tea again tonight? Student loans just aren’t stretching as far as they used to, and it’s only likely to get tougher. So where are the best places for students to look for work in Liverpool?

Many nationwide student employment websites such as,, and have job listings for Liverpool. These tend to be from larger employers, those with regional branches, or those recruiting for large events. If you want to look more locally, try sites such as, or
Some jobs of course never make it to the internet, so if you’re after a job in your local pub, chippy or supermarket, then your best bet is to go in directly, armed with a smile and a sharp, snappy CV.

There are two major annual events on the Liverpool recruitment calendar, both of which all second year or final year students, (or indeed any student in search of work) should try and get to; The first is ‘Liverpool Graduate Recruitment Festival’ to be held this year on Tuesday 7th June 2011, and that is followed by ‘Liverpool Graduate Careers Festival’ on Wednesday 12th October 2011. Both job fairs take place at St George’s Hall between 10:30am and 3:30 and have a wide range of exhibitors offering further studying, training and employment opportunities. You can find out more at

Most Universities have an internal careers & employment service offering their students options and career advice for the long-term, but if all you’re after for the time being is a quick fix part-time or summer job then your best bet is to trawl through some listings on websites above! Good luck!