Summer Holiday Gadgets

Many final exams and hand-in dates have finally passed, and for those unlucky few who are still revising the light at the end of the tunnel grows ever closer. Few things are as eagerly anticipated as the University summer holidays – the next few months are all about fun!! Some of us will be heading to festivals, sunny beaches, or even jetting off on big world adventures, and the rest of us will be chilling out in the nearest park or beer garden soaking up the summer sun (hopefully). Seeing as you lot have had your heads buried in books the last few months, we’ve gone to the trouble of highlighting a few must-have gadgets that will guarantee to get the most out of your summer.

PoGo Instant Photo Printer
Brand new this summer the PoGo is portable, inkless, photo-printing heaven! Simply send images from your phone via Bluetooth or from anywhere else via USB and watch as it pops out a super cute 2” x 3” top quality photo (with a sticky back should you want to slap it on your lunch box!)

Freeloader Solar Charger
This is perfect for travelling and festivals! Simply sit this super little solar powered device in the sun and then use one of it’s many adaptors to charge your fave gadget! It will (apparently) “run a phone for 44 hours, an iPod for 18 hours and a PSP for 2.5 hours.” – not bad!

Trackstick GPS tracking device
This cool little gadget can create a GPS diary of your adventures. It can pin point your exact location anywhere in the world and keep a record of your journey ready to download via USB as soon as you get home. Never lose ‘the best little place you ever found’ again.

Flip Video mini camcorder
Really cool, really simple, really compact, the mini cam from Flip Video. With the click of a button you’re recording, and then to download you simply pop the flip-out USB into your PC and there they are ready for Facebook, Youtube whatever you like. Never miss a moment.

USB Rechargeable Batteries
Simple genius.