Time to Recycle for Liverpool’s Students

It’s the end of the University year, and many students are packing up and waving goodbye to the digs they’ve called home for the past 12 months. Whether moving on to a new house share, or finishing up at Uni all together, most of us are guilty of accumulating a whole world of ‘stuff’ in this short space of time, much of it ending up as surplus to requirements when we move on. Liverpool City Council and Student Unions are now working together to encourage and help students to recycle, as a large amount of their unwanted goods at the end of the year can be easily re-used.

One group leading the way in student recycling this year is ‘Leave Liverpool Tidy’ from Liverpool John Moores University. This month saw the launch of their ‘free shops’ project, offering unwanted goods collected from students, for free! These items have been collected in special bags provided ready for the big summer clear outs, picked up from student halls and housing all over Liverpool, and sorted ready for the special ‘free shops’ at the University.

The hope of running schemes like this is that it will cut down on waste going directly into landfills, encourage re-using and recycling, and also protect community relationships in student housing areas by reducing the amount of waste items left on the streets. Plus, any items not claimed from the free shops will then be donated to charity. To find out more email: [email protected], and for more tips on how to recycle this summer visit this LSU Leave Liverpool Tidy page.