How to survive Freshers week

Freshers week celebrations are happening all over the city this week, but how do you survive nearly two weeks of solid partying? Luckily, we know how to keep you going through the long nights of loud music, drinking and general fun-ness that you’re sure to enjoy over these first few weeks of term.

1. Remember that people you live with might not be your best friends throughout your university time. As you start your course and head to the library with students from your classes, you’ll find lots of new people to hang out with. That said, always make an effort with people in halls, if you’re sharing a small space together, you’re going to want to get on!

2. Pace yourself. Make sure you can attend all the freshers events you want by not going crazy in the first few nights. Chances are if you’re drinking and spending heavily, it’s going to take it’s toll on you, fast!

3. Dont feel pressured to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Whether you don’t drink alcohol, or just want a few easy nights, no one will judge you for having a lemonade over a double vodka.

4. Budget properly. Student nights are notoriously cheap with lots of drinks offers to contend with but it’s important to not overspend in these first few weeks of term. Take a certain amount of cash with you each night and resist the temptation to pay on your card for that last drink that you probably don’t need.

5. Try to eat as healthy as possible during these first few weeks. Heavy partying and a hectic schedule trying to get everything sorted for uni can soon take it’s toll on your health and skin. Buying fresh veg and fruit from local greengrocers can help keep your spending down too.

6. Make time for freshers fairs. This week, there are freshers fairs in both University of Liverpool and John Moore’s so head down and get involved. There’s always great societies to join and lots of guaranteed freebies so enjoy.

7. Make sure you’re fully prepared for the rest of term. That means sorting out your rent, joining the library and keeping an eye on your student loan and spending.

8. Go exploring! If you’re new to Liverpool, try and get your bearings in the city and spot all the new places that are soon to be your regular hangouts.

9. Check in with mum and dad. When you’re away from home for the first time, it can be difficult to adjust to your new surroundings and new housemates. Give your parents a call every few days to let them know you’re OK and to make the home sickness a little bit better!

10. Enjoy it! You’ll only be a fresher once so make the most of your first few weeks in a new city and at university.