Top ten apps for students

With exams coming to a close and the new term getting into full swing, we know that life’s always easier with a little extra help along the way. We’ve found the ten best smartphone apps for both iPhone and Android that will help you through your studies at university and help you get accustomed to your (relatively) new city of Liverpool.

1. Evernote- This app will collect information from everywhere and keep it in one place. You can capture images, audio or text and share them with friends on your course, making revision or essays a lot easier.

2. Easybib- Take the hassle out of creating your bibliography and references by scanning them with this handy app. Brilliant if you need to make multiple references and saves you from trying to find the right edition in the library.

3. gFlashPro- Lets you create and download flashcards and with no limit, you can organise all your subjects easily so now you have no excuse!

4. Ted- You can get access to 15 minute talks by a huge range of geniuses on a wide range of topics. Can be a welcome distraction or you might just find something to directly help your studies.

5. NUS extra- Instant access to loads of discounts in high street stores, supermarkets and leisure activities.

6. LinkedIn- A great networking tool. Add your education, employment history and what you’re looking for so potential employers can easily find you.

7. Urban Spoon-If you’re stuck for nice places to eat in your local areas (you shouldn’t be, Liverpool is full of nice restaurants!) this app will help steer you in the right direction.

8. 4square-You can find a range of services and some inspiration on where to head in Liverpool. It also lets your friends know where you are, making plans a lot easier.

9. Jamie’s recipes- Easy app with quick ten minute recipes for when you’ve got back from the library late or just really can’t be bothered.

10. Toshl finance- Brilliant way to budget whilst you’re waiting for your last student loan instalment, helps monitor where you’re spending and generally keeps your finances in shape.