Moving in Questions…

What do i do about bills?

If you are moving into a Bills Not Included property you will be required to set up utilities accounts for Gas, Electric and Water were applicable.

You can do this both prior to or post moving into your new property. 

We encourage tenants to use our partner service Notify who will help guide you through setting up these accounts and ensure you are on the most competitive rates. If you are moving into one of our properties and have not already notified us that you wish to use this service then do so!

The critical part to managing your own bills is providing regular accurate meter readings to your supplier – this will ensure a large bill does not creep up on you! (Make sure you make a note of your readings the day you collect your keys, this will be the point you are responsible for any usage from)

If you are moving into a Bills Included property, sit back, feet up – nothing to do here!

Do i need to set up wifi for my property?

Bills Included properties – In order to have a speedy set up and install, you must now begin setting up your wifi account as discussed when viewing the property.
You are free to pick a supplier and package of your choice that suits the needs of the group. Once signed up, Rooms4u will reimburse you.

For those moving into a Bills Not Included property you will need to set up your own Wifi. This can be done through the likes of Virgin/Sky/PlusNet – shop around to make sure you are getting a good deal.

You may wish to do this in the week prior to you moving in so you are not without for too long when you do arrive!

We have partnered with Virgin and you can call them to arrange set up on 0141 404 3708 quoting 90975 and your property as reference.

Do i need a TV licence?

If your property comes with a TV included it is the obligation of the landlord to pay for the TV licence so this is something we at Rooms4u will arrange.

If there is no TV included – you will need to set up your TV licence via

How do i report maintenance repairs?

The best way to report maintenance to us is via your PropertyCloud account. Not only does this log the issue online but this will give all tenants in your property visibility of the issues raised. Through your account you will also have the ability to track the status of each job – from the point it is assigned to a contractor, date the repair is scheduled and notification once complete.

Urgent or emergency repairs such as leaks, loss of electricity, lost keys all should be reported directly to the office as soon as possible on 0151 735 1440.

Has my property been cleaned prior to my move in?

Every property undergoes a full professional clean before being handed over to you for your new tenancy.

If you are unhappy with the cleanliness on your move in – we are more than happy to send cleaners back in to address any areas of concern.


Has my property been checked over prior to my move in?

Prior to the previous tenants moving out we do a thorough check on the property to identify any maintenance and repairs that may need completing during the turnaround period between tenancies.

These repairs are then planned in for the short period between the previous tenants handing keys back and us handing the keys over again for your tenancy.

If the property is left in poor condition by the previous tenants (shock, it happens quite frequently!) and there are a large number of repairs required, some of these may need to be completed during the first couple of weeks of your tenancy. We will work with you on this to ensure suitable notice is provided and access arrangements are made.

If you come across items that have not been picked up on our checks, report them through as maintenance via your PropertyCloud account and they will be put through our normal processes to be scheduled in and completed as soon as possible.

What do i do with my household waste?

External rubbish bins are provided at all properties.

You can check you bin collection dates by putting your postcode in on the following council website:

What do i do in the case of an emergency?

Maintenance emergencies, boiler breakdowns call the office on 0151 735 1440 24/7 who will advise.

If you are locked out, you call call our office 24/7 on 0151 735 1440 who will advise. Note, there is a OOH call out charge of £30 if someone is required to attend the property to let you in.

Emergency attention – Call 999

None emergency/GP assistance – Call 111

Smell gas? 0800 111 999 National Gas Emergency Service

Power cut? 105 National Power Cut Helpline

What should i do if my Carbon Monoxide alarm is beeping?

If the alarm is beeping intermittently – this is usually indicating low battery. A quick trip to the local shop and replacing the batteries usually resolves this. For those tricky to reach detectors, raise the issue on your PropertyCloud account as maintenance and we will get it sorted for you.

If the alarm is sounding, follow these steps:

  1. Open all doors and windows to air out the gas.
  2. Turn off any fuel burning appliances and leave the property.
  3. DO NOT switch on any lights, smoke or light a match.
  4. Call emergency gas line – 0800 111 999
  5. Alert Rooms4u to the issue on 0151 735 1440.

Can i see my property certification?

All property certification and licensing is available to view via your PropertyCloud account.