Tips for living in Student Halls

Top Tips For Living in Halls

Living in student halls can be tough for some students, that’s why we’ve compiled the  best uni accommodation UK tips for you. 


These tips will give you advice on living in halls, general advice for keep your mental health in check and give you a good idea of some of the things that you may need to bring to university with you as well. 


Noise-cancelling headphones

You’d be surprised just how much noise is generated in student halls. People will be charging up and down the corridors, yelling at each other and probably listening to music and watching films entirely too loudly, so getting a pair of headphones that can help you to block out the noise will help you with your concentration.


We recommend not having noise-cancelling headphones in if you’re asleep though, purely because there is a high chance you would miss any dire drills that the university may run, so you may need to find an alternative if the noise is too much around bedtime. 


Make your own food

You’d be surprised how much a Tesco meal deal adds up to at the end of a week when that’s all you’ve been eating. 


Making your own food gives you the chance to eat healthy and even, as strange as it may seem, make new friends! Who doesn’t want a free meal every now and again? Inviting friends over for a meal is a great way to feel at home at university and hey, why not invite some neighbours over too?


Making food also equips you with skills for later life. Sure, early on you might just be defrosting pizzas or making something basic like beans on toast, but soon you’ll build up enough confidence to start cooking yourself some healthy food or something a little more out of your comfort zone, like a curry or a chilli or even your own homemade pizza. 


Making food is also a cheaper alternative to buying it as well, especially when it coems to lunch. The aforementioned Tesco meal deal is always a safe option every now and again, especially when you can’t be bothered to rustle something up, but for the most part, making the food is far cheaper than going out to buy it, so making yourself some sandwiches is a great way of keeping costs down too.


Talk to your flatmates and neighbours

Not all student halls have the facilities for more than one person in one student halls room, however, it has been known to happen. Either way, we recommend that you speak to your flatmates or your neighbours as often as possible. 


Not only is this an excellent way for you to make friends, it can also be a great way to get some help on any work you’re doing or for keeping your mental health in check as well. Mental health at university is so important and having people to talk to will help you far more than you ever thought was possible. 



Student halls are not known for their pre-existing conditions being all that great, so it’s best to have the Dettol ready!


Cleaning up after yourself is another important point as well. The student lifestyle is known to be a bit slobby and that’s okay, but make sure you’re cleaning up the essentials, like the bathroom, your eating area and your study area, a tidy desk is a tidy mind after all!


Cleaning is also a very good therapeutic technique as well. It may sound a little odd, but sometimes, working hard on cleaning your flat or your room can be a great way to take your mind off things and a great excuse to blare your favourite tunes as you scrub!


Make sure your broadband is top-notch

Broadband is an essential part of living at university, because almost all of your independent study modules will require you to do research on the internet. The broadband in your student halls or in your student accommodation is also essential because your course lecturers will be sending you emails, whether it be advice or just a general update on when you’re next lecture is, you need to be able to access these. 


Some providers will have interesting introductory rates for students, however, for the most part, you will need to shop around a bot for a good deal. Some providers may offer slightly discounted rates for students, but this is fairly rare.