What to do if you’re now a Postgraduate

What to do if you're now a Postgraduate

Funding for Postgraduate Study


Take a look at the GOV website where there is a great deal of info on how to apply for funding: https://www.gov.uk/funding-for-postgraduate-study




Now is the time to make that all important decision.. To halls, or not to halls. Now you’re embarking on a postgraduate course, the thought of halls of residence may or may not be your cup of tea. Private renting can be a great option for Post-Graduates; a calmer, slower paced environment in shared living with those who are in similar circumstances to yourself can really help you though the next few years to come. Make sure to think long and hard about what will work best for you over the next few years. 


Private Renting


If you’ve chosen to be a little pickier about your living situation, then private renting is for you. We are here to make the entire process a great deal easier. Take a look at the below properties, all hand picked and chosen for chilled post-graduate living in great locations: 

Finding Housemates


It may be that you’re starting fresh and don’t know who you’ll be living with. There are plenty of great ways to find housemates who are also studying postgrad; websites like Spare Room and Easy Roomate are two we would recommend. 


Council Tax


The good news is that you’ll still be exempt from paying UK council tax as a postgraduate, provided you’re studying full-time. The bad news is that sharing your accommodation with non-students could affect this.

-Students living in university halls are automatically exempt from council tax.

-Full-time students living alone are exempt from council tax.

-Households are exempt from council tax if all tenants are studying full-time, i.e. are enrolled on courses lasting at least one year, involving at least 21 hours of study per week. If you live in such a household, you may still receive a council tax bill. In this case, you can apply for an exemption online.

-A household in which half of the residents are full-time students may only be charged half of the usual council tax for the property.

-A full-time student living with a group of non-students who are eligible to pay council tax may apply for a personal exemption. This will probably not affect the overall amount due for their property, but will mean the student has no legal obligation to contribute.

You can find more information about council tax for postgraduate students here.


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